About Us

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Mykhal Lloyd has been a fashion brand long in the making. Our journey as a company started with a high school senior shirt idea. Our founder, Mykhal Polite, thought of a funny and relateable high school shirt and decided to make it. From there, he realized he had a knack for designing clothes. Coupled with his commonly commented on style, Mykhal had an epiphany. That epiphany led him down the path to create. He would, did and still is creating to this day. He creates onstage, on television, in film, in clothing and apparel. A mogul-in-the-making who spent nearly seven years crafting Mykhal Lloyd. After countless samples, mock ups, hand drawn designs, hiatuses, and revamps, we are proud to see our first official roll out of clothing this July 31st, 2019. We pride ourselves in providing fashion that is luxurious, affordable, comfortable, professional and universal. We hope you see all of those in our clothes and hope you stick with us for the long run.